How Many Newborn Clothes Do I Need?

Congrats on the new baby! There is nothing more special in this world than expecting a baby — having a tiny human look up to you is one of the greatest joys. You may not know it just yet, but your life is about to become way more interesting. 

Newborn babies need so much stuff that it’s hard to keep track of. One of the most exciting parts of expecting a baby is shopping for them. Those tiny baby outfits are so cute; you might want to buy them all. But should you? 

It is easy to get carried away and overbuy for your newborn. In reality, newborn clothing will seem much less important once the baby arrives. Which brings up the question: how many clothing items should a newborn have?

Can You Have Too Many Newborn Clothes?

As everyone says, newborns grow like weeds. One minute you have this tiny seven-pound baby, and the next, you have a full-blown toddler. If you buy too much clothing, you’ll be stuck with clothes that have never been worn. Babies can grow 1” to 1 ½” in their first month.

Having too much clothing for a newborn is not only impractical but can also get expensive. Babies are only in newborn clothes for a few weeks. After that, they may stay in the 0-3 months clothing range for a while. 

Keep this in mind when shopping for your newborn. You do not want so many clothing items that your baby doesn’t even get to wear all of them. 

What Are Some Tips When Shopping for Newborn Clothes?

If this is your first baby, you likely have some questions about how to make sure you have enough baby clothes.

Here are a few tried-and-true tips to keep in mind when shopping for your newborn:

Save Your Money

Babies are expensive, and they only become more expensive as they grow. You have way too much to buy for your newborn baby as it is. Spending a lot of money on clothes that your baby will only wear one time just does not make sense. 

Resist the urge to buy all that cute clothing for your baby. This is not to say that those cute overalls you’ve had your eye on won’t come in handy one day, just not for your newborn. Spending less money on newborn clothes means you have more to spend on other things for your baby. 

You can buy a nicer stroller, a better crib, or save up for other items your baby may need as they get older. (You can also use that money on high-quality compression socks to help reduce discomfort and swelling due to pregnancy.)

Consider the Season

Dressing your newborn has a lot to do with the weather. Newborns get cold and hot a lot faster than we do since they are so small and new to the world.

If your baby was born in the winter, then your bundle of joy will need warmer clothing. Having one newborn jacket is often sufficient as jackets can be expensive, and babies grow so fast. You will also want a pair of mittens for those little hands. Winter babies will need layers of clothing put on to fight the winter weather. Generally, mimic the number of layers you’re wearing and add one to dressing a newborn in the wintertime

If your baby was born in the summer, keep it light. A simple onesie or shorts set is perfect. If you are planning on bringing the baby outside, it is a good idea to get a sunhat. They are essential in helping to prevent sunburns, and they also look adorable! 

Keep It Simple

After welcoming a baby into your life, chances are you feel pretty turned around. From the feedings that happen every two hours to discovering messes you never thought would be humanly possible, having a newborn is as stressful as it is magical. 

We cannot emphasize enough how important bodysuits are for a newborn. 

What is a bodysuit? A baby bodysuit is also called a onesie. By definition, a onesie is an all-in-one clothing option for a baby. 

This will be the clothing item you will need most. It is best to have around seven newborn onesies, one for each day of the week. Babies may need to change a couple of times a day, so having a variety of these on hand is essential. 

Bodysuits are so practical when it comes to newborns, and they can be super cute as well. They button at the bottom, making them easy to remove and put back on.

Babies have messy diapers that, unfortunately, tend to leak through their clothes — a diaper blowout. Since bodysuits are so easily removed, they make for easy cleanup. 

This can take a stressful situation and turn it into a manageable one. Especially when you are getting used to your newborn and are learning how often to change them, having a decent amount of onesies on hand can be a real stress reliever. 

Bodysuits come in different styles as well. They have both long sleeves and short sleeves to keep your newborn prepared for any temperature. 

Think About Laundry

When you have a newborn, one of the last things you want to think about is laundry. Laundry is time-consuming and, at times, can feel never-ending. 

Having too many newborn clothes leads to more laundry, which leads to more unwanted stress. You will already be so busy with everything else it is best to cut down on anything and everything that you can get away with. 

How Many Sets of Newborn Clothes Should You Buy?

So with all of these tips in mind, you find yourself at the store looking at all of the cute options for your baby. What should you buy, and how many clothes do you actually need? 

Read on for our advice:

The Pajama Lowdown

Dressing your newborn baby for bedtime is a big part of your newborn's nighttime routine. You want them to be nice and comfortable to help them get the best sleep they can get

You will need to choose both short-sleeved and long-sleeved outfits so the baby will have options for whatever temperature your home’s thermostat reads.

About three to four nighttime sets are more than enough for a newborn baby. Pick outfits that are easy to remove and make your nighttime feedings & changes easier, not harder. The last thing you need on your mind is how you are going to change that baby quickly enough so you can get some more sleep.

You can choose from zip-up pajamas to two-piece sets or even a long pajama gown with an opening at the end for easy diaper access. There are also bedtime bodysuits that have footies on them, which are as comfortable as they are cute. 

While newborns can often be swaddled, once babies learn to roll over, swaddling isn’t safe. 

Postpartum Kit

What About Accessories?

Although they would be cute on a baby, we aren’t referring to bracelets and sunglasses. Newborns need their own type of accessories to make it comfortably through the day.

Newborns need bibs — plenty of bibs. Babies happen to spit up a lot. Even if you think your baby won’t spit up, chances are they will. Bibs are essential in order to keep babies' clothes looking clean

When feeding your newborn, put a bib on them so you will not have to change their outfits when a mess occurs. Afterward, you can remove the bib and go about your day. 

You can find bibs in packs that are one-size-fits-all so that even when the baby is no longer a newborn, they can still utilize them. There are cute bibs with all different designs so that your baby can stay clean and camera-ready.

Beanies are also something that should be on your must-have list. One or two beanies are plenty, as they do not wear them long. Still, these hats are great for keeping their heads warm during their first few weeks in the outside world.

Can You Have Too Many Baby Socks?

We don’t think anyone would argue that babies' feet are the absolute cutest!

These precious feet also get cold very fast, especially with a newborn. Because of this, it’s good to load up on newborn socks to keep their tiny feet warm and your baby comfy and less fussy. 

These itty-bitty socks are easily lost, so having a few different pairs is recommended. A simple trick is to buy socks all the same color, so if one is lost, the remaining sock will still match the other ones you have. 

What About Shoes? 

Newborn shoes are ADORABLE, but they are not necessary. When you are shopping for your newborn, it is best to cut out the shoes entirely. Shoes are a waste of money for a newborn, as there is no actual point for them — we’re willing to bet your newborn isn’t walking yet. In fact, you still have a ways to go before they’re even rolling over

A newborn will be perfectly comfortable in a pair of socks or booties. One or two pairs of booties are enough for your new baby, as those cute little feet grow just as fast as the rest of them.

Remember, You Got This!

In conclusion, try to keep it simple when it comes to clothing for your newborn. Use this information as a way to guide you on what your newborn baby may need for their first few weeks.

Of course, it is good to be prepared but remember — even though you can get bibs that are one-size-fits-all, parenting is not. For instance, your baby may grow faster or slower than your friend's baby. 

You have to base your needs on your life. You may find yourself needing more newborn clothes than you originally thought. It is best not to overthink and to go with the flow whenever possible!


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