When To Announce Pregnancy

You and your partner are sitting with a pregnancy test in hand. A little blue plus sign appears. You’re pregnant. 

Finding out that you’re pregnant can be super exciting. Some parents might rush to tell all their family and friends, while others might be more hesitant. Is it better to announce a pregnancy right away? Or should we wait a bit?

At Mommy Care Kit, the health and happiness of the baby’s parents, especially the mother, is very important. When you announce your pregnancy should depend on what you and your partner are comfortable with, but we do have a few ideas that you may want to consider before announcing your big news.

When Should I Announce My Pregnancy?

There isn’t really a right time to announce your pregnancy. It’s not a one-time-fits-all thing. Some parents can’t wait to do it, but other parents prefer to wait. How long you wait can vary too. 

You may want to wait until after you’ve seen an OB-GYN or midwife. Some parents would rather wait a bit longer. They may want to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time or see an ultrasound of their adorable little one and know that they’re doing well. Both of these usually take place around six to eight weeks.

Many parents wait until the end of the first trimester or the beginning of the second trimester, which is around 12 weeks. Unfortunately, miscarriages are common in the first trimester, but once the second trimester is reached, the chances of a miscarriage reduce.

Whatever you and your partner decide, you should choose a time when you would feel comfortable. 

There are pros and cons to both views that you may want to consider:

Benefits of Announcing Early

If you and your partner decide to announce your pregnancy to family and friends early on, you will have support for a longer period of time. This can be especially helpful if the mother suffers from morning sickness or exhaustion.

If you like having dinner with family or friends, for example, you can give a heads up in case certain smells or tastes trigger the expectant mother’s nausea. 

You will also have plenty of people to share in your excitement. Everyone else’s excitement can help bolster your own and ease any fears. 

If you are the expecting mother, and you work in an environment that can be potentially dangerous, or you need to do heavy lifting, it’s important to discuss the pregnancy with HR and your supervisor. This can help you and your baby can remain healthy during the duration of your pregnancy.

You may also want to prepare people in case there are any complications. Usually, it’s best to start out with close family and friends so that if something happens, you and your partner will feel a little more comfortable discussing it and reaching out for support.

Benefits of Waiting

Waiting might suit some parents better. If something happens, you won’t need to explain it to the people around you. You can also avoid any unwanted advice or discussion of other people’s pregnancy experiences since it can be overwhelming to hear so many new things at once. 

There are a lot of things that you and your partner need to process or consider, and it may take some time for the concept of pregnancy to settle in your minds, and that’s okay. There are so many emotions that can come with a pregnancy, so waiting to tell others can be a great way to give yourselves time to process and think about what your plans are.

You may also want to see and hear your baby first. It reassures you that your little one is healthy, and it can help reality to settle in. You may also want to wait until the baby bump starts to show. You can make cards using maternity pictures, or you can find other cute and creative ways to announce the pending arrival of your little one.

Who Should I Announce My Pregnancy To?

Deciding who you should tell also depends on what you and your partner are comfortable with. Some parents might decide to tell close family and friends first, while others may decide to announce it to everyone at the same time.

Eventually, you will need to tell everyone in your life, but you and your partner should figure out when and how you would like to do so.

Announcing It to Family

If you and your partners are close with your families, they should definitely be on your list of people to tell. When you tell family members can depend on a number of factors. It’s best to wait until you have a time that you feel comfortable discussing it.

You may also want to consider how comfortable you would be talking about potential medical issues. If you would rather avoid those talks altogether, it might be best to wait. Conversely, it can be helpful to have support.

Announcing It to Friends

Generally, the rules for friends are the same as those for family. If you’re announcing to a few people early on but waiting to tell everyone else, you can tell a few close friends that you feel comfortable talking to. 

Announcing It at Work

Work can be a little tricky. Although you can tell your coworkers when you feel comfortable with doing so, there might be rules and regulations about when you need to tell HR or your boss for legal reasons or to prepare for parental leave.

If you are the mother, a dangerous or physically straining job may mean that you should tell someone about your pregnancy earlier so that accommodations can be made for you. It might also help your supervisor prepare for when you’re on parental leave.

It’s a good idea to check any company policies to get a better idea of when you should announce a pregnancy. Human Resources should be able to give you guidance on any policies that the company may have, how to navigate these guidelines, and get the ball rolling on any accommodations you may need.


How Should I Announce It?

There are so many different ways that you can announce a pregnancy these days. You can use social media, give people a call, or send a card.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Maternity Shoot

Maternity photoshoots are generally pictures of the mother, father, and other little siblings. They’re usually very beautiful and focus primarily on the baby bump and the mother. 

If you find a photographer you like, a cute maternity outfit, and a place to take pictures, whether in a studio or in a beautiful park, you and your family can do a maternity shoot. You can put the photos on a card to send or post them on your social media site of choice. 

Ultrasound Pictures

Many parents love showing people pictures of their baby’s ultrasound. Whether it’s at 20 weeks or the first ultrasound, using an ultrasound photo can be an adorable way to announce a pregnancy. Like maternity shots, these can be used in many ways.


Some families prefer not to use any family photos. Instead, they might want to use a clever way to announce the pending arrival of your little one. Be creative. You could format it like a movie announcement. You could arrange some baby items or a positive test around the board too.

Funny Photos

Clever family pictures can be another great way to announce a pregnancy. If your family has a favorite TV show or movie, you can use that as a theme for your announcement. You could also use a pun, like two bags of ice and an arrow pointing to the baby bump (“Ice, Ice, Baby”). Or, you can point out the rougher parts of motherhood, like relying on your compression socks or TENS unit

Baby Gifts

If you’re looking for a special way to announce something to your family, you can give them a baby onesie that says something like “World’s Best Grandma” or “#1 Grandpa.” Many parents will wrap these gifts up as a fun announcement for their parents, but you can do this for other family members as well. All you need to do is find a onesie with their title.

These gifts can make great video opportunities, too, so that when your little one gets older, you can share how excited their family was to meet them.

Family Dinner

You can’t go wrong with a classic. Inviting your family or friends over for dinner to make a pregnancy announcement is a tried and true way of telling everyone about your little baby. You can get creative with this too. You could make a baby-themed cake, or you can just make a toast.

Celebrating Your Little One

Finding the right time to announce your pregnancy means finding a time that you and your partner are comfortable with. Whether you want to do it as soon as possible or wait a bit before telling everyone, it’s a joyous occasion for everyone involved.

As parents, there are a lot of things that can be overwhelming, but telling your family and friends about your coming little one is an exciting event. The most important thing to remember is that you, your partner, and your baby’s health and happiness come first.


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