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The Mommy Care Kits are a collection of FDA approved products designed to target the most common symptoms affecting most pregnant women, including: body aches & pains, swelling & inflammation, blood clots and stretch marks.

In addition to ensuring all Moms have a safe, healthy pregnancy, we are also committed to the fight against the opioid crisis and ensuring that everyone has access to products and services that offer relief and healing without the need for a pill.

We want you to know that many times the best option for relieving your pain and restoring your well-being can be accomplished with products that are safe, effective and, most importantly, non-addictive (they may even be free, click here to find out).

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Did you know that the US has the highest maternal mortality rate in the industrialized world? Our infant mortality rate isn’t much better ranking 33 out of 36 countries. The Mommy Care Kit is a collection of safe, non-addictive products designed to help Moms have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies without more medications.